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At Arada Tours our mission is providing high quality tours for your Ethiopia vacation. We aim to deliver next level experiences by providing a unique blend of customized tour packages and budget friendly prices. Our company embodies the values of a proud people and Ethiopia’s ancient history. We provide a variety of Ethiopia custom tours and attractions perfect for family holidays. Ranging from expeditions historic to cultural. Discover the source of the mighty Nile River, the Blue Nile Falls of Bahir Dar. Explore the Camelot of Africa on your vacation to the Gondar Castles. Learn about the rich Ethiopian Christian Orthodox religion while visiting the Lalibela rock-hewn churches. Explore your adventurous side while touring the Danakil Depression. See and experience the world famous tribes of Ethiopia on the Lower Omo Valley tour. Seen during Southern Ethiopia travel. We recommend starting your holiday with one of our Addis Ababa City Tours. The professionally trained, local and multi-lingual Arada Team is equipped to provide personalized service. To individual tourist and large groups from all languages and regions of the globe.

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Journey through Ethiopia, the only uncolonized land in Africa. Experience the “13 months of sunshine” while tasting the delicious Ethiopian food of the Habesha People. Dream while you are awake as you experience dramatic scenic views throughout your Ethiopia vacation.  See our most popular Ethiopia tours below.

Ethiopian Food Tours

Ethiopian food may be the most recognized export from our beautiful country. Our food tours are the best way to experience the culture and cuisine of Ethiopia. Restaurants ranging from hole in the walls to traditional restaurants will showcase a wide variety of dishes. Enjoy both food and drinks as our guide gives you the history and tradition behind creating each meal. Be sure to pack an extra stomach!

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Stay alert for our promotional offers! We like to provide motivation for our customers to travel to Ethiopia. Visit Ethiopia to experience one of a kind events here while on Ethiopia vacation. Events such as Ethiopian New Year, Meskel Festival, Taste of Addis and many more!

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Ethiopian Art Tours

Addis Ababa Art Studios

The Addis Ababa Art Studio Tour is an exclusive experience that manifested from our partnerships with some of the best local artist in the city. The range of studios on the tour vary from small to mid sized. A diverse portfolio of artistic styles will be on display. From life sized portraits to canvased based nature art pieces. The tour is guaranteed to please guests from all ends of the travel spectrum.

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Arada Tours provides the optional addition of a 24/7 concierge.  We call this our Arada option.  Be accompanied throughout your entire vacation & holiday by one of our local destination host.  Take your custom tour in Ethiopia to the next level with a on-demand translator, tour guide and possibly a new friend!

  • Optimized tour options for backpacking Ethiopia.
  • Experience geniune Ethiopian culture on our Heritage Tours. Led by proud locals.
  • Local professionals. Quality trained staff. Years of Ethiopia tourism experience!

We provide Ethiopia tours and services for solo travelers or groups. To destinations specifically customized for schools, religious organizations for pilgrimages, black travel groups and special interest groups. Book your trip to Ethiopia today!

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