Omo Valley Tours, World Famous Tribes of Southern Ethiopia

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Multiple Days
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Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Lower Omo Valley, Ethiopia

Tour Details

Welcome to Southern Ethiopia! Here you will embark on a Omo Valley Tour like no other. Tribes have inhabited this region of the country for thousands of years. East Africa is often referred to as The Cradle of Humanity. Since the discovery of human remains dating back nearly 2.5 million years, the Lower Omo Valley region has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage site, in 1980. The Omo Valley is mostly a dry savanna region fed by the Omo River. Throughout the valley region and along the river, reside hundreds of small tribal villages amongst the landscape. The tribes often speak a unique language and the area is dense with unique customs. Popular tribes include the Hamar, Mursi, Bodi, Dassanech, Karo, Ari and others.

Addis Ababa is where the journey begins…before proceeding southward towards Arba Minch.  A tour on Lake Chamo and of Nechsar Park will showcase many endemic birds. Visitors will easily spot baboons, zebras, gazelles, and African crocodiles. The Konso people are grouped into nine clans. Living in 49 kebels the clans are named Pasanta, Kertita, Mahaleta, Tokmaleta, Eshalayta, Alayta, Tikisayta, Arkamayta and Sawdata. Known as hard working people famous for terracing farm techniques that help protect soil from erosion by unexpected short period rain. A stop in Turmi showcases the Hamar and Karo tribal rituals, most notably the cattle leaping (bull jumping) rights of passage ceremony. The tour proceeds to Mago National Park where you will visit the famous Mursi tribes, known for the large clay plates worn in the lower lips of the women.

Our comprehensive tour includes an all-inclusive vacation package.  You will return home dreaming of the delicious food.  Southern Ethiopia provides rare shopping opportunities at the Omo Valley markets. Touring the tribes of the Omo Valley will introduce visitors to Ethiopia of both past and present.

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Omo Valley Highlights - What to Expect

Omo Valley Tour Itineary Map, MultiDay
Omo Valley Tour Itinerary in Southern Ethiopia
  • 7 Tribe Omo Valley Cultural Tour.
  • Picturesque African savanna landscapes.
  • History and culture mix to give a new perspective of mankinds origin.
  • Enjoy delicious Ethiopian food throughout the experience.
  • Our all-inclusive prices provide the best value and quality of tour possible.
  • Family friendly tours for all ages. Custom tours for both luxury and budget class travelers.

Tour Itineraries

7 Day Omo Valley Tour

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Day 1Fly from Addis Ababa to Lake Chamo, Lake Chamo Tour

Eat breakfast prior to departing for the late morning flight to Arba Minch. Arrive at Arba Minch around midday, awaiting is a delicious Southern Ethiopian prepared fish lunch. The fried Nile perch is our favorite, it is a very meaty fish. After hotel check-in is completed we will begin the boat tour on Lake Chamo. The cruise on the lake will showcase the indigenous Hippos, African crocodiles, Zebras and a range of beautiful aquatic birds. Night in Arba Minch.

Day 2Dorze Village Tour, Drive from Arba Minch to Konso

Visit the first tribe on our cultural tour of Southern Ethiopian tribes. Drive to Chencha for the Dorze Village tour. The Dorze people are known for their weaving skills and architecture of their houses. Their vocal music features a sophisticated use of “hocket”, a rhythmic linear technique. Following lunch, drive to Konso. Konso is a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site for its traditional landscape with terraces, its uniquely structured villages and huts, and for their famous wooden statues. Night in Konso. On clear dark nights, Konso is known for its amazing star gazing visibility.

Day 3 Konso Tribe Tour, Drive from Konso to Turmi

Tribes of Konso Tour. The people are grouped into nine clans. The nine exogamous clans named Kertita, Pasanta, Eshalayta, Sawdata, Tikisayta, Alayta, Tokmaleta, Arkamayta and Mahaleta live in 49 kebeles. We will visit two of the nine clans on the Konso village tour. Enjoy the beautiful scenery of coffee plantations and green landscapes. Drive to Turmi following lunch. Night in Turmi. Groups larger than four people will require double occupancy rooms due to accommodation space limitations.

Day 4Dassanech Tribe Tour, Hamar Tribe Tour

Experience a unique tribe, the Dassanech Tribe “People of the Delta,” which is only reached by crossing the Omo river. You will have the option to ride on a traditional boat without a motor which is carved from a large tree trunk. The Dassanech are known for their colorful beaded neckless and their pearly white teeth. After lunch on the river we will next visit the Hamar Tribe. The Hamar people are renowned for their unusually unique hairstyles. The rites of passage to adulthood of the Hamar Tribe Rituals include cattle leaping. With good timing and some luck we may witness a rites of passage ceremony. Night in Turmi. Groups larger than four people will require double occupancy rooms due to accommodation space limitations.

Day 5Omo Valley Market Day, Drive from Turmi to Jinka

Begin the morning with breakfast. Next we will visit one of the famous markets of the Omo Valley. You will enjoy viewing the handmade cultural items from all of Southern Ethiopia. Witness the ancient practice of bargaining for the best price as you tour the market for shopping. A high five signifies that a deal has been reached. After lunch, begin the picturesque drive to Jinka.

Day 6Mursi Tribe Tour, Ari Tribe Tour, Jinka Museum

Drive to the Mago National Park where you will be able to visit the famous Mursi tribe. They are known for the large clay plates that the women wear in their lower lips and ears which are made from locally dug clay. The men adorn themselves with clay and headdress of ivory horns. Eat lunch prior to visiting the Ari (Aari) People of Mago National Park. They are known for their artwork and agriculture. Ari women can be found in traditional skirts made from koisha leaves, with large colorful beads and bracelets. Following the Ari Tribe tour, take a guided tour of the South Omo Research Center Museum (Jinka Museum). The museum provides a great overview of the many tribes of the Omo Valley. Night in Jinka

Day 7Fly from Jinka to Addis, Shopping, Spa Day, International Departure

Eat breakfast prior to departing for the late morning flight to Addis Ababa. Lunch will be provided at one of our favorite restaurants, our recommendation is the fish goulash. Time for shopping will be allocated to secure any last minute souvenirs. Beers and shisha (hookah) will also be an option during this timeframe. Depart from Bole International Airport Addis Ababa.

4 Day Omo Tour - Option 1

Click Day to expand tour route details

Day 1Fly from Addis Ababa to Arba Minch, Drive to Konso, Night in Konso

Day 2Konso Village Tour, Drive to Turmi, Night in Turmi

Day 3 Drive to Omerate, Dassanech Tribe Tour, Hamar Tribe Tour, Night in Turmi

Day 4 Drive to Jinka , Fly to Addis, Shop, International Departure

4 Day Omo Tour - Option 2

Click Day to expand tour route details

Day 1Fly from Addis Ababa to Arba Minch, Lake Chamo Tour, Night in Arba Minch

Day 2Drive to Konso, Konso Tribe Tour, Night in Konso

Day 3 Drive to Jinka, Mursi Tribe Tour, Ari Tribe Tour, Night in Jinka

Day 4 Jinka Museum Tour, Fly to Addis, Shop, International Departure

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I cannot help but to be humbled with extreme gratitude. I am grateful to Arada Tours for booking this once in a lifetime trip and accompanying me in all three cities while there. The team was really helpful and knowledgeable during the tours. I am quite sure I would not have had such an amazing experience with the assistance of the Arada team.

January 3, 2019